In 2007 Andrea Sbarretti graduated in Science and Technology of Film Production with a thesis on Paolo Sorrentino. He starts shooting his first short films and in 2010 with Morfologia he wins Amori in corto the Festival of the city of Terni. In 2014 with L'operaio, a short film about his work experience at TK AST, he won the Umbria Film Festival. In 2017, taking a cue from a real fact, he created the film Lontano da tutti, talking about ThyssenKrupp and the 550 layoffs that the company proposes. In 2019 he sets the film Il lento inverno in Norcia, after the devastating earthquake. The two films were released in cinemas, enjoying great success with audiences and critics.


Su queste montagne - Up these mountains

In the mountains of the Valnerina, life is concrete, hard, real. Scanned by the rhythm of the seasons and of the earth. The few inhabitants of these hamlets still maintain those habits of sacrifice that recall the heavy daily work of their ancestors.




2022 - duration 63'



Il lento inverno - The slow winter

A year has passed in Norcia since the day of the earthquake. Benedetto and Pier try to grit their teeth to overcome this period.


2019 - duration 91'

Sezze Film Festival 2021 - Special Award

Fiuggi Ciak Film Festival 2021 - Official Selection

Benevento Cinema and Television 2019 - Official Selection


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Lontano da tutti - Far from everyone

In 2014 TK-AST announced the dismissal of 550 workers. After exhausting negotiations it was decided to favor the exit of "only" 290 workers.


2017 - duration 79'

San Francisco Film Festival 2021 - Official Selection

Londra Lift-Off Festival 2021 - Finalist

Brandeburg Cinema of Nations 2021 - Official Selection


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L'operaio - The worker

A young worker from Acciai Speciali Terni risks being fired following the sale of the AST by Outokumpu.



2014 - duration 14'



Umbria Film Festival 2014 - Winner