In 2007 Andrea Sbarretti graduated in Science and Technology of Film Production with a thesis on Paolo Sorrentino. He starts shooting his first short films and in 2010 with "Morfologia" he wins "Amori in corto" the Festival of the city of Terni. In 2014 with "L'operaio", a short film about his work experience at TK AST, he won the "Umbria Film Festival" in Montone. In 2017, taking a cue from a real fact, he created "Lontano da tutti", talking about Thyssen Krupp and the 550 layoffs that the company proposes. In 2019 he sets the film "Il lento inverno" in Norcia, shortly after the devastating earthquake.



Essere Umbri - Being Umbri

Eleven documentaries that tell the Umbria region, through little-known characters, but of great charisma. Aired on Umbria+, channel 15.



duration 11x27'



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Lo sguardo - The look

The look focuses the lens on reality without being content with recording life as it passes in front of the camera, but capturing the true "soul of things". Aired on Teleterni, channel 15.


39 videos



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Il lento inverno - The slow winter

A year has passed in Norcia since the day of the earthquake. Benedetto, his sister and her husband have a snail farm.

duration 91'


Sezze Film Festival 2021 - Special Award



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Lontano da tutti - Far from everyone

In 2014 TK-AST announces the cutting of 550 workers. Luigi accepts the dismissal leaving the severance pay to his daughter Lił.


duration 79'


London Lift-Off Festival 2021 - Finalist


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Don Pierino

Don Pierino is a nonconformist priest. First in Rome and then later in Amelia, he hosts some drug addicts and tries to get them to quit drugs.


duration 83'




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Io rifletto - I reflect

Thirty-one documentaries on young Umbrians. Aired on Umbria1 TV, channel 15.



duration 31x30'




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Duemila30 - 2030

Eight documentaries on the reality of Terni. Aired on Teleterni, channel 15.



duration 8x40'




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